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We offer a variety of Outsourcing services to our clients including

Talent Acquisition / Market Research

Our Team has more than 5 years of experience in this Talent Research Industry and we have given services to the IT, Equity, Oil & Gas, Financial and many more Staffing and recruitment agencies.

Candidate Sourcing

Our team will find the right candidates which will be suitable as per your requirements

- Shortlist candidates
- Sending Invites (Linkedin)
- Email gathering
- Manage Account (Linkedin)
- Email Campaigns

Client Sourcing

As we all know that to find the candidate is much easier to find the client because if you have a client then only you can generate the money.So for this thing we have a specialized team which will help you to find the client for your business.

- Company research
- Email Campaign
- Sending Linkedin invites
- Email Gathering
- Finding the right Decision maker profile (CEO, VP, MD etc)

ByPass Linkedin Invites

Are fedup with this Notification?
Then not to worry we are here for you, we will send 100 Linkedin Connection / Invitation per day and it will not Affect your linkedin account also, so join with us and we will help on this.

Online Accounting and Bookkeeping

We can help your organization reduce trivial admin work and financial costs incurred in running your business. This will further help our partners in channelizing their efforts to concentrate on core risk areas and expanding their business organically.

Accounting Services in India is a well-known hub for accounts outsourcing & bookkeeping services because of their systematic approach and ample knowledge in the field.

Customer Support (Email and Chat)

As you all know today without any customer support team you can't run your E business smoothly, so for this thing we are there for you. We have specialized team which will give the full support to your business and help the customer queries.

- Chat Support
- Product Enquiries
- Replacement queries

Virtual Assistance

Hiring and managing full-time secretarial staff not only adds costs but also takes away valuable time of yours, which you could utilize for core activities of your business. For entrepreneurs and small businesses, this is a major roadblock.

After doing a detailed study of your Business Processes, we will come up with a set of process flows, Strategy, plan, automation Software and tools for your Business to implement the required changes in an existing system. We also provide ongoing support to monitor the results and troubleshooting problems to improvise the automation process at every step.

Business Consulting with
limitless potential

From resource planning and conflict management to strategic planning and market research,
our experts offer the best advice.

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